Brick by Brick

I crashed a motorcycle and broke both of the bones in my ankle, my tibia and fibula.  As I lay there on the hot ash fault, looking through my visor at my foot that was pointed in a different direction than usual, I immediately realized that my plans for summer had instantly changed.  In a strange way, it was a liberating feeling.  I knew that I had an immediate goal ahead of me – get through the pain.  I now also had the time to develop new goals that could forever make me a better and more capable person through my recovery.  This journal, beginning 5 days after the crash, will detail my journey to healing my ankle 20% faster than average. It will also detail my moods, and my ability to keep my mind on track and to what is most important – using this time to make myself better every single day.  I intend to do this several ways.

For years I pmyguitarut off re-learning how to play the guitar, something I used to enjoy, so no thoughts, no questions, I just went online and ordered a classical guitar that will arrive in a few days. Now every day, I am going to spend time playing it and learning new chords and techniques.

I also constantly think about learning another language. Now I will practice one every day. I need to set a deadline to pick one….lets say I will pick a language by Wednesday.  I think it will be German, because that is what my gut is telling me I
should learn.

I have spent hours and hours, and years and years learning different stock trading strategies.  I was/am close to giving it up, because it has not been profitable, but it is something I have put so much time into, that I really should learn about options considering how much time I have already invested, and a friend of mine has shown me how much safer and more profitable they can be.

Learning to write. My goal for college is to learn to write persuasively and well. So far as I can tell, the most persuasive writing to me is that which tells a compelling story.  I instantly find myself pulled into a story, and remember much more because my mind paints all of the details, rather than trying to remember facts that are presented to me.
So where am I so far? I have already consumed two books – one called ‘The obstacle is the way’ which couldn’t be more timely. Essentially it reveals that the greatest people love obstacles because they are gifts which make them stronger and more
brick-wallpaper-30capable. Well this situation is my gift, and I intend to use it – day by day, brick by brick, to lay down a foundation, then build a house, then the city. But it starts by laying down a few bricks every day.


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